Sunday, October 5, 2008

in the beginning

We are beginning a new journey through fifty 'classic' movies, and in this blog, we plan to keep a record of our thoughts and reactions, both extreme and unremarkable.  Every month, or more often if we're excited and able, we will watch a movie that made the top-fifty list.  From there, I will write a review of sorts, along with anyone else in our group that feels like it.  After that, we will entertain any discussions and debates that follow. 

Our group of three couples includes:
me (Kristen) and my husband, Nick
Aaron and his wife Cheryl
Dan and his wife Jen

We will post our list of movies, in the order we'll be heading through them, soon.  We are going to watch a lot of different movies & create a great movie sandwich!  

We'll watch our first movie, Citizen Kane, in a little over a week!  Watch for more!

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Aaroneous said...

Wahoo! First movie in 2 days!