Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Searchers (1956)

Director: John Ford
Writers: Frank S. Nugent (screenplay)
Alan Le May (novel)
Starring: John Wayne

Basic story: John Wayne comes back after the Civil War. His family gets killed or taken captive by Comanches. He and his "nephew" track them. Eventually they are able to rescue one of his nieces. Check out the full synopsis on IMDB if you get a chance.

Dan doesn't really watch westerns, so to him (and Nick) nothing seemed to stand out as to why this one was great. Everybody agreed that the cookies we had were good, as was the cheese dip.

Kristen thinks it is interesting in this movie how much everyone would sacrifice to try to recover one girl. A big contrast to modern ideals.

It was also odd how the director juxtaposed comedy with the drama. One moment, someone would be getting scalped, then a few minutes later it is almost slapstick.

Aaron thought it was interesting that people say this movie influenced many modern movies, including Star Wars. The scene at the beginning when they come back to the burned out farm is much like Tatooine. And then the characters spend the whole movie trying to track down and get revenge on the warchief Scar...aka Darth Vader.

Nick: Didn't love it...didn't hate it...kind of like pork chops.
Kristen: Will I watch this again? "That'll be the day."
Dan: Watch Dances with Wolves instead.
Jen: Umm...never really seen a western...not a bad one to watch.
Cheryl: Has nothing to say.
Aaron: If you're a fan of westerns watch it. Otherwise, not so much.

Overall Recommendation:
If you are a John Wayne fan, John Ford fan, or a fan of the genre, check it out. Or if you like movies that can't decide if they are comedies or dramas.

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